4.11 Company Vehicle Policy.


TechnoGuard provides vehicles for designated employees to drive on company business. TechnoGuard retains the right to amend or terminate this policy at any time. A “company vehicle” is any vehicle TechnoGuard assigns to employees. This policy applies to all employees who use a company vehicle and applies during and outside of working hours. Unless otherwise authorized no part-time, seasonal, or temporary employees are allowed to operate a company vehicle.

Only employees who have been placed on TechnoGuard’s approved driver’s list may sign out and use a company vehicle for business purposes. Prior to approving a driver and as requested, driving employees must provide an official copy of their driving record for TechnoGuard to review. Employees will be reimbursed for the cost of the report, upon turning the report and receipt in for review. Drivers will be approved at TechnoGuard management’s discretion. TechnoGuard reserves the right to revoke an employee’s company driving privileges at any time. Once an employee has been approved to drive for company business, they are required to inform their supervisor of any changes that may affect either their legal or physical ability to drive or their continued insurability. Team Leads are required to maintain their ability to drive to maintain their position as a lead. To review a copy of the approved driver’s list, see the Operations or Warehouse Manager.

Employees who drive a vehicle for company business must, in addition to meeting the approval requirements above, exercise due diligence to drive safely and maintain the security of the vehicle including its contents. Use of handheld cell phones (including texting) while behind the wheel of a moving vehicle being used on company business is strictly prohibited. Employees are responsible for any driving infractions or fines because of their driving.

Non-employees and non-business passengers (i.e., family and friends) are prohibited from riding in company vehicles. Company vehicles are intended to be used for business purposes only. Personal use of a company vehicle is prohibited without direct permission from the company.

Employees must report any accident, theft, or malicious damage involving a company vehicle to their supervisor and the Warehouse Manager, regardless of the extent of damage or lack of injuries. Such reports must be made as soon as possible but no later than 48 hours after the incident. Employees are expected to cooperate fully with authorities in the event of an accident. However, employees should make no voluntary statement other than in reply to questions from investigating officers.
In the event of an accident regardless of fault, the employee who was driving the vehicle is required to get a drug screening no longer than 12 hours after the event. During the time of the pending results, the employee’s driving privileges are suspended until management clears them to drive again.

Post-Accident Steps:

• If and when possible, safely move the vehicle to the shoulder of the road.
• Contact your TechnoGuard supervisor immediately. They will contact the insurance provider.
• Follow legal guidelines for exchanging information with other drivers and report the accident to local police if required. Make sure you get a copy of the report if filed.
• Fill out the TechnoGuard incident report in DoForms as soon as safely possible.
• Report to your manager for drug screening instructions.
• Do not guarantee any type of payment or accept responsibility without company authorization.

Employees are not permitted, under any circumstances, to operate a company vehicle or a personal vehicle for company business when any physical or mental impairment causes the employee to be unable to drive safely. Additionally, employees shall not operate any company vehicle at any time or operate any personal vehicle while on company business while under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or prescription medications that may affect their ability to drive. These prohibitions include circumstances in which the employee is temporarily unable to operate a vehicle safely or legally because of impairment, illness, medication, or intoxication.
Employees are to follow the standard sign-out procedure when taking a company vehicle out for business use.

All TechnoGuard vehicles must be signed out before each use. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action. Employees have the option to use the DoForms app or the paper copy to do this. The employee that signs out the vehicle will be responsible for the condition in which it is returned.

TechnoGuard Vehicle use Rules:

• All TechnoGuard vehicles must be signed out before each use, by the approved driver who will be driving that vehicle, that day.
• Upon completing the sign-out form, any issues must be reported to the warehouse staff before heading out.
• Absolutely no smoking of any kind in a company vehicle.
• Be aware of your clearance height and watch for low bridges and building structures.
• All TechnoGuard vehicles are prohibited from use in drive-thru lanes at restaurants, banks, pharmacies etc.
• Vehicles are to be returned in the same condition they were signed out, clean, and ready for use the following workday.
• Drivers must obey all traffic laws including posted speed limits, stop signs, and traffic signals.
• At ¼ tank or less of gas, vehicles must be refueled before being left for the next driver.
• All tools, materials, and trash must be cleaned out unless used by the same crew or at the same site the following workday.
• Vehicles must always remain locked when parked and all keys must be left on the hook when the vehicle is not in use.
• Do not allow unauthorized drivers to use a company vehicle unless required by an emergency.