Decontamination Team Lead Interviews:


Do you think you have what it takes to be a Team Leader for TechnoGuard?


We are currently conducting interviews for a new Team Lead whose focus would be running Decontamination jobs. To apply, please submit your contact information in the provided fields and email your resume to James Eatmon: (including your time with TechnoGuard). We will review all candidates and set up interviews accordingly to see why you would make a good Team Lead.

Please review the Team Lead job description below and make note of any questions you might have about the requirements or responsibilities for this position.

Team Lead/Supervisor

Team Lead Job Description


A Team Lead’s primary responsibility is to manage their site and their crew. Their main objective is to ensure the job is done successfully, within the scope of work, and to ensure the customer is satisfied with the job. The team lead is also responsible for overseeing all technicians that are assigned to their job site each day. Team leads are responsible for time keeping, inventory of materials, reports, and other logs or forms that may be required by sites.  Team Leads work very closely with the Project Managers who provide support and guidance to Team Leads during the duration of the project.


Team Lead Responsibilities and Expectations


  • Identifying and communicating clear project goals and deadlines to Team Members
  • Meet with PM prior to starting job to acquire a full scope of work and expectations
  • Motivate team and lead through being an example
  • Maintain inventory of all equipment and materials on site
  • Maintain company vehicles by keeping trucks clean, organized, and locked when not in use
  • Communicate with Project Managers to identify potential issues or shortcomings in projects
  • Delegating and assigning tasks to crew members
  • Assist with continuing education of new hires on site and monitoring new technicians to ensure safe practices
  • Utilizing ClockShark to manage and track time for crew
  • Utilizing DoForms for Service reports, Incident reports, and Discipline reports as needed and when required
  • Report issues and writes up in a timely manor
  • Communicate with Operations Manager and Project Manager daily regarding time sheet issues and corrections
  • Perform constant QC of past and present work being done and correct any issues as well as report them to project managers
  • Work with QC/Trainer to identify people that need initial or continued training
  • Work with team members for “on the job” training and inform QC/Trainer of employee status
  • Inspecting sites regularly to identify and eliminate potential safety hazards
  • All materials/supplies/equipment must be returned to the warehouse team organized, clean, and separated
  • Ability to safely operate company vehicles
  • COLLABORATION with all other team members
  • Above responsibilities include expectations and responsibilities of a technician

Required Skills- Reliability, Ability to lead crew, understanding of project, time sheet management, Driver’s License, Able to communicate with clients.

Call out procedures for missing work:

You must communicate with the Admin Assistant AND Operations Manager at least 2 weeks in advance if you are requesting time off and how much PTO you would like to use. If you can’t come in (any reason) you must communicate ASAP (with a minimum notice of 1 hour prior to the start of your job) to your Supervisor and the Operations Manager. You must give your supervisor a full rundown of the job as well as communicate with the crew to let them know who to call in case of an issue. If you are absent for any reason, you must use any PTO available.